Our experience will help grow your business.

The team at Bairkan has worked on numerous projects for clients and the company in the past. We understand the ins and outs of effectively marketing online. We have tested strategies on our own projects which have proven successful.

Bairkan can help to take your business to the next level. Leverage our years of experience to help start and grow your company. Our goal is to drive more customers to your website who are searching for your products and services. Start increasing your sales today!

With many years of experience in the internet marketing industry, our team has been created with the finest minds from the disciplines necessary to create successful businesses. We began many years ago as independent internet entrepreneurs and have combined our knowledge of search engine optimization, advertising, marketing, technology, web development and graphics design to create Bairkan.

After a great deal of research and testing, we have mastered the art of internet marketing and want to help others achieve their goals. Whether you are looking to turn an idea into a profitable business or seeking to grow your company, the team at Bairkan is a great choice. We believe that every business requires a unique solution and will work with you to develop and implement the perfect strategy to exceed your expectations.


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What is Bairkan?

Bairkan [“Bear-kahn”]

is derived from the ancient word “berkanan” which represents growth.


See the evolution of our digital marketing agency.


Jan, 2010

John Rendemonti started working on a premium subscription video tutorial website utilizing various marketing strategies to gain over 10,000 users. 

Jan, 2010

Seth Mattox began freelance web development and design for clients in the local area and became the lead front end developer at a real estate startup. 

Feb, 2012

John and Seth combined their talents, established Bairkan LLC and began to produce revenue generating web assets.


October, 2013

The two partners started a niche server hosting company to demonstrate their ability to create an online business from scratch. This website has grown into a 7 figure business in two years.



Aug, 2014

A few savvy business owners notice Bairkan's success and have become valued clients and friends as their businesses have grown from marketing online.


Jan, 2016

The team at Bairkan has been expanded and their combined digital assets under management receive millions of page views each month.