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Apex Minecraft Hosting was created by the team at Bairkan to challenge our expertise and practice what we teach. We created a successful hosting company from the ground up in under a year and have proven that we have the knowledge required to help your business grow.

Consistently increasing traffic every month
Organic search traffic statistics
Monthly organic traffic value of $28,200


Create a successful online business within one year.


We saw great opportunity in the keyword and pursued a website focused around this search query. We utilized available software packages which allowed us to have a completely automated website and design up and running in 30 days, so we could begin marketing the project.


The company achieved 6 figures of revenue in it's first 12 months of operation and is expected to bring in over a half million dollars in our second year. Over 25,000 users have registered on the site since the launch in October 2013 as of January 2016.

Successful in under 12 months

$1M revenue in 3rd year of business

20% monthly growth

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