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Groupon is a local promotional campaign launching services. They leverage group orders to create large discounts on local services, products, and e-commerce type things. We had a chance to work with them on launching a local maid cleaning service called Sarasota Maid Clean. 


How to effectively launch a new local business with the highest impact for the least cost. The goals were to create recurring clients, not just single purchases. 


We focus a majority of our efforts on Groupon and guaranteeing customer satisfaction. With Groupon we would be able to reach the most people while only having to pay the transaction fees on successful conversions. The idea was to collect as many leads and price them at or just below cost. We hoped to use this promotion to gain new single use clients and leverage our customer satisfaction to retain 10-30% as recurring clients. Even if we were to fail our target percentage conversion we would be successful in gaining a presence in the local community. 


Sarasota Maid Cleans promotion on Groupon became the highest shared and most purchased service in the local area with more than a thousands social shares. The listing was so successful Groupon forced extended the listing beyonds its 2 week time limit to 4 weeks. This ultimately resulted in more than 320 paying clients that were scheduled out across the following 3-4 months. Our target goals for recurring clients was successful and the project was  determined an outstanding success.


Growth Hacking using crowd sourced social promotions

Gained ~320 Potential Recurring Clients

Effective local presence established.

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