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A 6,000+ member facebook community of Amazon Product Launch Service enthusiasts needed a place to take their growing community. Their requirements were strict and Automation of business tasks was critical.

Sells Packages for Amazon Sellers to checkout
Community store for approved users to receive 85%+ discounts.
Custom Dashboard Showing Code Distribution over time on Ratezon displayed to Sellers on Launchzon


How to appropriately automate an infrastructure of more than 6 thousands members distributed between two distinctly different focuses. The main goal of the site was to relieve the 40+ hours of task based operations currently being executed through Virtual Assistants. The original business was built on a Facebook Group and had grown significantly larger than the owner originally intended. All business processes had to be designed from the ground up including branding, user requirements, SEO positioning, site features, business tasks including billing, e-mail campaigns, and other related online business services.


The final outcome was a two part solution with independent url's. This was for both SEO benefits as well as UI/UX simplification. Our experience has shown it is easier to rank a site that is geared towards a central focus rather than attempt to rank for two competitive terms. The main interactions of both user types was also so distinct it was best to make two completely different interfaces to optimize the simplicity of user interactions. The first part of the solution where profit is made was named Launchzon. It was a Seller focused e-commerce solution with a single variable product that allowed users to submit their own Amazon product for review. The products submitted are automatically posted on Ratezon for the community of reviewers to test and review for huge discounts. Data for each campaign is transferred from Ratezon to Launchzon and displayed in a graph based dashboard we custom made for this project. The orders on Launchzon are automatically exported to Ratezon for a VA to approve before setting live. When posted products are shared on all major social networks used. 


The automation process has removed more than 60% of business tasks. The majority of business processes are not automatically triggered through a complex connection of two forward facing stores, user accounts with various roles restrictions, email campaigns, cron based account updates and data collection. 

60% Automation of Business Tasks

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We get compliments on our system multiple times a day. You guys did a great job!

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